Territorial Investigation - Urban Borders By Reconstruction

It may be the ultimate goal of a totalism planning for a post-disaster territory to accelerate the re-urbanization; however, it also leads to the shaping of all kinds of urban borders, at most time. Those borders could exist among the urban blocks, or in between social groups.

The central government has launched an ambitious recovery plan in a timely fashion, leading a national movement of extremely rapid urban reconstruction and re-urbanization for Sichuan. Yet, the race of development has not stopped right after the official plan, but it has continued to change the human geography of the post-disaster territory. While the crumbling of the earthquake and the growling of consanguineous loss was fading away, the new city of slabs was rebuilt upon ruins in five years. Nevertheless, not all is satisfied during the radical change of their living cities. The political, generic and unilateral meaning of a totalism planning has defined the imperfection of plan, as well as it leads to the shaping of urban borders.

With such hypothesis in account, the exhibition goes back the depth of the post-disaster territory, to review progression of the five-year urban development, together with all kinds of social groups. It aims to find out the leading courses and form of the urban borders, hence to reveal a possibility towards the solution.